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Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants To Impeach The U.S. Attorney For Washington D.C. Now: ‘She’s Just Eternally Asking For The Manager’

Another day, another call for impeachment from Marjorie Taylor Greene. This time around the Georgia congressman is targeting Matthew Graves, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia. His crime? Continuing to prosecute January 6 defendants who stormed the Capitol building in an effort to overturn the 2020 election for Donald Trump.

Greene also took issue with Graves declining to pursue charges against “67 percent of people arrested by D.C. police officers,” which the congresswoman called “absolutely criminal” before reaching for the impeachment button.

Via The Hill:

“The time for weaponizing the Department of Justice needs to come to an end. And because you refuse to prosecute real criminals that are violating all the crimes here in Washington, D.C., and you want to talk about D.C. residents — they are victims of your abuse of power,” she said. “And because of that, I am introducing articles of impeachment on you, Mr. Graves.”

As Graves explained to The Washington Post, the decision not to prosecute those arrested by D.C. cops is pretty standard. Not every infraction is serious, and Graves’s office is more concerned with violent felonies. There’s also the issue of officers failing to use their body cameras, which has led to cases not being pursued.

Of course, none of that matters to Greene, who was looking to score political points with yet another threat of impeachment. To put things into perspective, she’s already tried to impeach Joe Biden. It’s her go-t0 move, and Twitter had a field day with her latest attempt.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via The Hill)