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People are jokingly ashamed of their ‘normal’ toilets after mom’s reaction to bathroom remodel

Chances are you’ve seen plenty of bathrooms before, especially if you’re on a device that connects you to the entire world. It’s generally the same setup no matter whose house you go to; there’s a toilet, a bathtub or shower and a sink. Bathrooms aren’t really anything to phone your best friend about.

Unless, of course, you’re this mom in a viral video posted to TikTok.

Freddy Ray, who runs the TikTok account @thebeastnasty, shared a video of his mom’s reaction to his bathroom remodel, and her reaction is the best. Sure, everyone loves a new look to a room they use frequently, but this bathroom is causing serious powder room envy by viewers. When the video starts, Ray’s mom is standing in awe as the lid to the toilet softly closes on its own. That’s plenty fancy by itself, but the cool factor doesn’t stop there.

Ray explains to his mom that the toilet lid opens when someone stands in front of the bowl before pointing out the remote for the toilet and shows her how to operate it. The entire time, his mom shouts in amazement with each new discovery. It’s probably the most “mom” reaction ever.

But just when you think he’s done, there’s more. The bathroom is like a clown car full of surprises. The fixtures look more like decorations than knobs to get the water flowing, and the beautiful picture hanging above the tub is actually a television. The entire bathroom is even equipped with self-sanitizing UV lights because he clearly thought of everything. People in the comments were jokingly (and not so jokingly) envious.

“I just got called poor by my bathroom,” one commenter wrote.

“In the bathroom looking at my commode like a mere outhouse, with its peasant manual flush,” another wrote, complete with crying laughing emojis.

“With a bathroom like this, I will not be early to any events,” someone wrote.

If you’ve never experienced bathroom envy, then you haven’t watched the video below. It currently has 2.3 million views and over 280,000 likes. Pretty sure his mom is going to be easy to locate when she comes to visit.


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