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San Cha Is Bringing Tradition Back To The Forefront As The Budding Singer Steps Into The Limelight

The Coca-Cola® Transformation Team, formed by Coca-Cola® and Warner Music Group’s WMX, has discovered some of music’s next crossover acts thanks to their talent search inspired by Coca-Cola® Move. So far, their journey has brought forth budding acts, Canada’s Kallitechnis and Puerto Rico’s Eduardo María. Next on the growing roster is singer and songwriter San Cha.

Based in Highland Park, California, with Mexican heritage, San Cha’s music has traveled just as much as she has in her creative pursuits. San Cha’s traditionally focused music has already begun to gain recognition, as evidenced by her song “Desesperada” being featured on the Showtime series Vida. Revered for her ranchera and goth music blends, San Cha carried that raw vulnerability over into her stripped-down The Eye performance.

In the series, acts are challenged to deliver a raw one-take musical performance showcasing who they are as artists. For San Cha, her song “Levanta Dolores” was just the right fit. When asked why she selected the song, the singer replied, “I wanted to conceptualize this Telenovela story,” adding that song’s duality was the deciding factor.

“There’s this man portion of it, and there a danity sad female. This song is just crying. Crying. Desperation — but exaggerated,” said San Cha.

Conscious of how this will appear on camera, San Cha says, “I would like to be simultaneously losing myself in the performance but concise of lighting, camera [angles], and performing with it. I think we’re all performing together.”

When asked about preparing for The Eye performance, San Cha shared, “With music, it feels like it is all about freedom and letting yourself go. When the music actually takes over you, you want to move. You want to dance. You want to do whatever it is asking you to do. I feel the most free when I’m belting,” continuing, “When the voice is taking up all this space, it feels like, ‘oh, I’m connected.’”

No written description will do this performance justice. However, in the behind-the-scenes footage, the team captures the song’s high energy and theatrical nature, which bleeds over into San Cha’s performance. Watch the full video above.

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