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Lana Del Rey Revealed She And Her Dad Like To Shop At TJ Maxx And Marshalls, Though It’s Not Always A Calm Experience

While Lana Del Rey has cemented her status as one of the greats of our generation, her father, Rob Grant, is shaping up to be a star in his own right. At 69 years old, Grant is gearing up to release his debut album, Lost At Sea next month.

During an interview with GQ, featuring Grant and Del Rey, Del Rey noted Grant’s love for Hawaiian shirts. She also revealed that both she and her dad enjoy shopping at stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Though, fans who see them at those stores may more easily recognize Grant than they do Del Rey.

“He’s the only f*cking reason why we get stopped at TJ Maxx,” said Lana. “If I’m with you, then there is zero chance that we’re having a calm day at Marshalls.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Grant noted that he is unsure if he will go on tour with the album. He did, however, express interest in opening for Del Rey. He said that he would likely sit at the piano in one of his favorite Hawaiian shirts.

“This is all so new for me,” said Grant. “The idea of going out and actually going on a big stage and playing, that’s still intimidating to me. I’m willing to try it.”

Lost At Sea is out 6/9 via Decca Records and Universal. Find more information here.