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‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Will Definitely Not Ignore The Zombie In The Room

Fear The Walking Dead is currently churning through its final reinvention before putting a nail in its own skull to start making way for the new crop of The Walking Dead spinoffs. There will be some concurrent action, though, and in mid-May, The Walking Dead: Dead City will arrive to remind us of what happens when characters are unwise enough to venture into the big city with walkers afoot.

Still, this will be a necessary quest because Maggie will be in search of her son, Hershel Rhees (also son to the late Glenn), and she’s making Negan come with her. This, of course, has made everyone wonder whether they can keep a truce going and if Maggie will ever be able to stop thinking about how Negan bashed Glenn’s brains out with a baseball bat. The answer to that question would certainly be “no.” Maggie obviously thought of this carnage on several occasions during the final The Walking Dead seasons when she’d approach Negan as he bashed walkers, etc. It’s not exactly something that anyone would be able to forgive or forget.

According to showrunner Eli Jorne, who spoke with SFX Magazine via Comic Book, Maggie has definitely not been able to forgive or forget. A tenuous truce is all that one can really ask for, and that’s only if Maggie is feeling generous or desperate enough. Probably the latter, but here’s what Jorne offered:

“[Maggie and Negan’s history] is not something that I was scared of, or that I felt like I was saddled with,” the spin-off’s creator and showrunner, Eli Jorné, said in the June issue of SFX Magazine. “In fact, I was like, ‘This is the show!’ When Glenn was killed, that was hard, obviously, when it’s a beloved character who dies. But to me, the flip side of that was that this universe is going to tell the story of what happens when you lose someone that way. Not just for the person who lost him, but the person who did it.”

As well, we are going to see extra disgusting walkers, and a recent trailer sure seemed to show a “running” walker. Never a great sign in any franchise!

The Walking Dead: Dead City rises on July 18.

(Via Comic Book)