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Kanye’s Latest Impossibly Ridiculous Outfit Makes Him Look Like A Shoeless Linebacker From Football’s Prime Concussion Era

For as much as Kanye West has declared himself a fashionable human being, he sure gets photographed wearing some of the most ridiculous outfits pretty often. Earlier this week, Kanye was photographed on what the New York Post called an “ice cream date” with his “wife” Bianca Censori. While his blue, sock-like Yeezy shoes were no surprise for fans, his latest accessory was the real eyebrow-raiser. Under a relatively standard-looking black tee shirt reading “Polizei,” the German word for “police” (a bad look, considering the past year for him), Kanye donned what appeared to be football shoulder pads underneath.

Naturally, fans on Twitter had a field day with the unusual outfit, wondering “What is he wearing?” — and perhaps more importantly, “Why is he wearing shoulder pads?”

Perhaps equally confusing, though, was the question of just what message he was trying to send with that shirt. After all, this was the guy who, just a few months ago, was fired from deals with both Adidas and Gap for espousing antisemitic views in multiple interviews. And let’s not forget Black Americans’ experiences with police over just the last few years (let’s stop at 100, or we’ll be here all day). It sure looks like Kanye’s either still trying to troll his way out of trouble — either that or whatever sense of self-awareness he had, to begin with, is gone forever.

You can check out the photos courtesy of the New York Post here.