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Ice Cube Clapped Back At A Troll Over ‘Clickbait’ Comments About Him Telling ‘Black People To Vote For Republicans’

Whether or not you agree, Ice Cube isn’t afraid to share his opinions on everything under the sun. But he won’t stand for his words being misinterpreted. One social media user found out the hard way after the mogul channeled the “No Vaseline” version of himself to clap back.

Following the “It Was A Good Day” rapper’s comments about the Democratic Party’s relationship with Black people, one Twitter user wrote, “Ice Cube only shows up every four years to tell Black people to vote for Republicans who are openly suppressing the Black vote, whitewashing/banning Black History, and killing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs that support Black folks. Hard pass!”

The entertainer swiftly responded, quoting the user’s initial post, adding, “I never told yo’ Black ass who to vote for, so stop lying and get that ‘clickbait’ out’cha mouth.”

In 2020, the producer received backlash for meeting with former President Donald Trump leading supporters to believe he would be throwing his support behind his campaign. Later he was in talks to meet with Joe Biden to discuss racial equality. However, during an appearance on the Full Send Podcast hosted by Kyle Forgeard, Cube set the record straight about those encounters.

“I never supported Trump or Biden,” he said. “I never asked to speak to the Republicans or the Democrats. I created a document called, ‘The Contract with Black America’ that spelled out a lot of different issues that we believe were the reasons why [there] was so much unrest after George Floyd was killed.”