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Nikola Jokic Loved Having His Press Conference Crashed By Jazz Rookie Walker Kessler

It’s a pretty good time to be Nikola Jokic. The two-time league MVP has led the Denver Nuggets to the first NBA Finals in franchise history, and while there’s still a long way to go, the team finds itself with an edge on the Miami Heat after an impressive win in Game 1. Unsurprisingly, Jokic was outstanding in the game, as he put forth a triple-double and did all the stuff that has turned him into perhaps the best basketball player on the planet.

Game 2 is on Sunday evening in Denver, but before then, Jokic had to clear a pretty big hurdle: He had to meet with the media on Saturday and answer a bunch of questions about stuff. There was, however, a curveball thrown into all of this, as Jokic was going through the motions before he was asked a question by a reporter from Kessler Sports Fan Page. This, of course, is not a real thing, as it was instead a website that Walker Kessler of the Utah Jazz made up so he could ask Jokic how he’s doing.

“Ooh! I like it!” Jokic said in response to the question. He then talked about the weather for a few seconds.

“Listen, my day got brighter when I saw you,” Kessler said.

“Oh, I like it, my friend!” Jokic said. “Appreciate it.”