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Cardi B And Offset Put The Rumors To Rest As She Joined Him During His Rolling Loud Set In Miami

The last time Cardi B and Offset shared the stage at Rolling Loud, the circumstances were a bit different. Back in December 2018, Offset crashed Cardi B’s set at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles after she’d reportedly filed for divorce. Although the move was criticized at the time as it came in the wake of the #MeToo movement and vocal critiques of “love bombing,” the bid was succesful; since then, Cardi and Set have been one of hip-hop’s highest-profile couples.

This time around, Cardi joined Offset at Rolling Loud Miami, where they performed the Migos hit “Motorsport” and their collab, “Clout.”

While the couple’s relationship has turned around in more recent years, that isn’t to say that it’s without its bumps — which are just as often generated by nosy fans looking for signs of new fractures. In June, fans believed that Offset accused Cardi of cheating, although from this writer’s perspective, it looked very much like a misinterpretation of Offset’s use of AAVE. The couple is due to appear together again along with their kids Kulture and Wave in Baby Shark’s Big Movie reprising the fishy versions of themselves from a previous episode that aired in the show’s last season. From what it looks like, their bond is as strong as ever, and the collaborative album they’ve been talking about releasing doesn’t seem to be in any particular danger of cancellation.