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Mike Lindell’s Big ‘Election Crime Bureau’ Summit Immediately Went Off The Rails With An Unexpected Cameo From Jimmy Kimmel

It’s a day of the week ending in “Y,” which means Mike Lindell, who loves to be wrong almost as much as he LOVES losing money, will once again try to expose how the 2020 election was rigged. Or… something?

You try making sense of this: “In August of last year, I was praying to God for a solution to fix the integrity of our elections,” he wrote on the website for his Election Crime Bureau Summit, which is being held today and tomorrow. God answered, and gave Lindell a “brilliant and divinely inspired” plan. He continued, “This plan is unique, has never been done before in world history, and has not even previously been talked about by anyone. It does not rely on legislation, judges, or legal actions, etc. This is such a perfect plan, the only way it fails is if we do not get the word out to the entire country, and why I am spreading the word across our nation. It is critical you get this information.”

Let’s see how that’s going so far.

Who knew God was a Kimmel fan?

The list of guests at the summit include Kari Lake, Michael Flynn, and, of course, “Rudi” Guliani, whose name is spelled wrong in Lindell’s “message of hope.” Based on the agenda, the God-given plan won’t be revealed until tomorrow from 1-4 p.m. A mid-afternoon on a Thursday? Just when everyone is most engaged and definitely not checked out waiting for the weekend.

(Via Mediaite)