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Meek Mill Complained To A Sneaker Reseller About His Prices For Jordans And He’s Getting Clowned For It Online

The Got Sole sneaker convention went down in New York City this past weekend, and Meek Mill was on hand looking to score some new footwear. One of his pickups in particular drew some attention, but because of how the transaction went.

In a video, Meek is seen discussing a pair of “Pine Green” Nike SB x Air Jordan 4’s with a reseller (as Complex notes). Currently, pairs of the shoe are available for around $300 per pair on StockX, depending on the size, but the reseller priced theirs at $500. (While writing this post, though, the most recently sold pair on StockX went for $517.)

Meek took exception to the pricing, but ultimately bought the shoes. He said, “I could buy these at the store right now for $300. You want $500? That’s a bad move. I’m going to buy them from you, but that’s a bad sell. You’re supposed to give it to Meek Mill for the low, get the commercial: Boom, I might come back and buy more, you know? […] Now I’m going to go to the next table and I might spend $5,000.”

Some people didn’t love Meek bringing his celebrity status into the equation, and the whole ordeal made Meek one of the top trending topics on X (formerly Twitter) today (August 21). One user wrote, “Well he got the publicity and the sale at his price. I understand what Meek is saying but it’s also predatory. He’s trying to strong arm him for a lower price, when he can clearly afford the price that’s being offered. Plus the price is on par for what others are charging.”

Somebody else tweeted, “First off this isn’t schooling. Your price is your price. I bet if he go to LV they making him pay and there isn’t any discounts. And they gladly pay it. Ain’t nobody trying to get no weak free promotion at all. Stand your ground on your price. Either buy it or move on.”

Some folks took Meek’s side, though, like one person who wrote, “Hustling backwards… Should have gave Meek that pair and an additional one for the $500. Sure you take the loss upfront but now you’re locked in as Meek’s shoe plug and can supply him and his team with all the sneakers they will need.” Somebody else responded, “He got the $500 and i seen this video so free publicity [crying laughing emoji].”

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.