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Scooter Braun Is Reportedly Exiting From Talent Management, Which Explains Recent Reports About His Artists

Over the past few days, alleged reports have surfaced that Scooter Braun’s biggest clients, including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato, are jumping ship from his SB Projects management company.

However, a new article in Variety revealed more of what is possibly going on behind-the-scenes. According to sources, Lovato has had an “amicable” exit from Braun’s company.

Bieber, who was one of Braun’s first major pop acts, has both been confirmed to have “cleaned house” with a lawyer helping him and others who denied he has left — making it something that only time will tell what happened.

Other sources told Variety that Braun is stepping back from working in management to better lead his role of HYBE America’s CEO, the company behind K-pop acts like BTS.

“All of Scooter Braun’s clients are under contract and negotiations have been going on for several months as Scooter steps into his larger role as HYBE America CEO,” the source told the publication. “People are spreading rumors based on what they know, but they are off. Scooter’s team at SB Projects are still handling both Justin and Ariana as they work through what this new structure looks like.”

The shifting story also found another source claiming it was Braun’s nature that was sparking artists to leave. “He’s imploding,” the unnamed source told Variety. “It’s a different world since the pandemic. You just can’t be an asshole like that anymore.”

Upon the news spreading throughout this week, Braun took to Twitter yesterday, where he posted, “Breaking news… I’m no longer managing myself.” Whether this is confirmation he’s stepping aside or something cryptic (or a response to all the memes) is still up in the air.