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Sexyy Red’s ‘Dream’ Photo With Tyler The Creator’s Has Fans Raving About His Assets

Sexyy Red has been having an incredible year. Her viral hit “Pound Town” led to some impressive opportunities, from an invite to the BET Awards to an “iconic” booking at Rolling Loud Miami. Her dreams keep coming true — including one in which she meets Tyler The Creator, apparently. The 25-year-old naturally would have grown up on Tyler’s grungy hits, so it makes sense that she’d be so excited to meet him in real life:

However, once the photos of their meetup hit social media, fans found that they could only focus on one thing: Tyler’s rump. The two rappers both poked it out for an irreverent middle finger pose, but users were bemused to learn that T’s been packing one ginormous pooper. Of course, Tyler’s been into skateboarding and biking practically his entire life, so it makes sense that his glutes would be well-developed — it’s just that nobody was aware just HOW well-developed.

The responses are as hilarious as they are varied, with fans comparing Tyler’s backside to other famously rotund derrieres like those of Kim Kardashian and Cardi B. Naturally, the jokes flew fast and furiously, with one user cracking, “They having a bake off.” Another common claim was fans wondering if Tyler had joined the BBL trend, getting a Brazilian butt lift for added badonk. You can see just some of the funny responses below.