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Mom makes ‘Toy Story’ doll hearing aids out of nail acrylic to match her son’s

Representation is something you don’t even think about if you’ve always had it, which can make the need for representation feel unnecessary to some. But kids look for themselves in their television shows, dolls and neighborhood, and seeing people who look like them or have other similarities is vital to their confidence and imagination.

Seeing themselves represented helps kids feel connected to the world around them, so many parents attempt to do whatever they can in order to provide their children with the representation they need. Mom Wendy Wuu took it upon herself to make sure her 5-year-old son saw a part of himself in his favorite doll, Woody, from “Toy Story.”

In a video uploaded to social media, you can see the mom molding something clear and malleable into Woody’s ear. Turns out this creative mom was using fingernail acrylic to mold the shape of the doll’s inner ear…well as much of an inner ear as a doll can have.

Shortly after molding the inner ear, she double-checked her son’s hearing aids, then proceeded to mold the part that goes around the ear. The process is quite fascinating. She painted the hearing aids to match Woody’s outfit, complete with cow print and blue paint.

“I wanted my child to feel included,” says Wuu told USA Today. “We never see other children or people with hearing aids or cochlear implants in our community.”

The viral video has racked on over 10 million views on The Columbus Dispatch’s Facebook page, with commenters praising the mom’s determination and skill.

“What an amazing momma,” one person writes.

“This is the sweetest thing. Moms will do literally anything for their babies. I want to hug her,” another commenter says.

Watch Wuu create Woody’s hearing aids below: