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Melania Is Unbothered By Trump’s Mugshot Because She Knows He ‘Loves To Be The Center Of Attention’

Melanie Trump, like the rest of the world, knows that her husband is an attention whore who relishes any opportunity to get in front of a camera — even if it’s just to take a poorly-lit mugshot. That’s why insiders close to the former first lady are warning both her critics and fans to not expect any comment from her when it comes to Trump’s time in the criminal limelight.

In a recent report from People, a family source claims that Trump’s historic mugshot and dozens of federal indictments he’s facing haven’t really registered on Melania’s radar because she’s too busy living that Palm Beach WASP mom life. “Melania is busy with her son and family and she pays only so much attention to these issues which captivate the media,” a source told the outlet with another adding, “Remember Melania is a mom with a not-yet-adult son to protect. A mug shot that everyone is talking about is just one more issue to wade through.”

Currently, Melania resides in Florida with 17-year-old Barron while Trump travels across the country holding rallies and popping into precincts for scheduled court appearances and criminal bookings. While her husband has a constant, insatiable need for attention, Melania seems happy to enjoy her enormous wealth the old-fashioned way — behind the golden gates of Mar-a-Lago and away from the curious eyes of the MAGA peasant class. Trump’s obsession with fame is nothing new to her which is why his impending trial — and the media storm it’s ignited — has left her largely unbothered. According to friends, Trump’s mugshot “does not upset her any more than anything else that has happened with Donald and his legal cases.”

“She also knows he loves to be the center of attention whether the subject is good or bad. He has been this way since the day she met him,” the source said. “She will have her way of dealing with this and anything else publicly when she feels like it.”

If we had to guess, she’ll probably make a jacket about it one day.

(Via People)