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Coi Leray Is Stripped Down And Dipped In Glitter In Her Dazzling ‘Isabel Marant’ Video

In Coi Leray’s high-concept video for “Isabel Marant,” the unapologetic rapper is stripped down and dipped in glitter as she performs her new single. Name-checking a plethora of designer brands, Coi debuts an eye-popping new hairstyle and twerks atop a platform held aloft by a thrashing mosh pit. As Coi flexes her drip both in the lyrics and in her video looks, it’s pretty clear she remains unbothered by critics of her first-week sales and her musical stylings.

That Coi is just under three months removed from the release of her self-titled second studio album and is already pushing forward with new music is a testament to her work ethic — the very thing that got her to this place in her career so far. While she hasn’t impressed many critics, her music certainly resonates with fans, since her streaming numbers keep going up and her list of hits, which now includes Coi standouts like “Players,” “Bops,” “My Body,” and “Get Loud.”

While there’s no word as yet where “Isabel Marant” will ultimately end up, it doesn’t look like Coi is showing any signs of slowing down, let alone stopping. Terrible news for her haters.

Watch Coi Leray’s “Isabel Marant” video above.