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Griff Unveiled ‘Vertigo,’ A Turbulent New Single She Dubbed ‘The Beginning Of A New Creative Chapter’

Griff got off to a hot start with her debut mixtape, One Foot In Front Of The Other, which hit No. 4 on the UK charts in 2021. While fans wait for her next project, Griff is keeping them fed today (August 31) with a new single, “Vertigo.” The song is a pop slow-burner that tackles emotional turbulence head-on.

In a statement, Griff said of the song, “‘Vertigo’ refers to an emotional state — always feeling upside down. Experiencing love and growing up, it always feels like the world and my emotions are spinning faster than I can keep up with. ‘Vertigo’ is the beginning of a new creative chapter for me, and I’m excited for us all to go on this journey together.”

She also told Dork of the single, “There’s a darkness to ‘Vertigo’ that maybe I haven’t tapped into as much before. It’s still major, but there’s something quite dark and moody about it too. It’s the start of a new season for me, for sure. I’ve been writing a lot and trying to figure out what’s right for me. We’ll start with ‘Vertigo’ and see where we end up. We’re going to be walking through it together, bit by bit.”

In a social media post, Griff offered a peek behind the scenes, sharing some photos and writing, “This photo was taken a few hours before I wrote Vertigo in the English country side. Wish I could show myself in this photo the love and support you’ve already given the song. I can finally say … VERTIGO IS OUT NOW!!!”

Listen to “Vertigo” above and revisit Uproxx’s 2021 cover story with Griff here.

Griff is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.