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Drew Carey Does Not Seem Convinced By His (Super Unlikely) Super Bowl Picks On ‘The Price Is Right’

The AFC team with the best FanDuel odds to win the 2024 Super Bowl is the Kansas City Chiefs (although maybe not after last night), while the Philadelphia Eagles are the favorites in the NFC. Drew Carey did not pick either team to win the Super Bowl. He chose the team with the worst odds, and another that’s close to the bottom.

To be fair, Carey didn’t know which teams he was backing when he punched holes into the Punch-A-Bunch predictor for a segment on The Price is Right. For the AFC, he involuntarily picked the Houston Texans, who are tied with the Arizona Cardinals with the worst odds to win the Super Bowl (if you wager $250 and they win, you get $45,000). In the NFC, Carey is unfortunately aligned with the Washington Commanders. “Oh man… You know what? Don’t risk your money,” he said while showing the card to the studio audience.

Carey added, “It’s also nice to know who not to bet on.”

The Price is Right host must be disappointed that he didn’t pick the Cleveland (which famously rocks) Browns — but glad he didn’t choose the Baltimore Ravens. “I will always hate the Ravens,” he once said (the old Browns were moved from Cleveland by evil Art Modell to become the Ravens before the new Browns returned to Ohio). “Always. Of course, we hate Pittsburgh in Cleveland, but that’s healthy. Believe it or not, I think we hate the Ravens more.”

For what it’s worth, the Browns have the 13th best Super Bowl odds.