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John Fetterman Ushered In The Halloween Spirit Early As He Made Ghost Noises To Mock Kevin McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has decided to open an impeachment inquiry into Hunter Joe Biden. This development sparked a pissing match between Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, and Gaetz might soon receive the Boebert treatment from Greene. In the meantime, however, Democratic Senator John Fetterman, whose new mustache has already called bullsh*t on ongoing impeachment efforts, let the world really know how he felt about McCarthy’s posturing.

In this clip from NBC News’ Liz Brown-Kaiser, Fetterman feigned being in crisis over the news. He clutched his head and went straight into Halloween mode with ghost noises and scary fingers everything.

“Oh my God, really? Oh my gosh! You know, oh, it’s devastating,” he giggled. “Ooh don’t do it! Please don’t do it! Oh no, oh no!”

Fetterman must have left his congressional hoodie at home during this momentous event. That’s a shame because I think the spooky vibes could have been even more effective with that particular outfit. Still, Fetterman continues to keep it real by dressing the way he was on the campaign trail. That’s who people voted for, not for someone who refers to a veggie tray as “crudités.”

Also, this is a moment to remind everyone to stay strong this fall and not fall into pumpkin-spice mode. You can do it.