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Mark Sanchez Thought Josh Allen’s Late Fumble Against The Jets Looked Familiar

When Aaron Rodgers went down four plays into his Jets tenure with what the team fears to be a ruptured Achilles, the expectation was that the Bills would cruise to a win on Monday Night Football.

However, as happened a year ago when these two teams faced off at MetLife Stadium, the Jets defense was able to lead the way to a thrilling and unexpected 22-16 win in overtime, capped off by a walkoff punt return touchdown. Jordan Whitehead played the starring role for New York’s defense, becoming one of Josh Allen’s top targets as he picked off the Bills star quarterback three times on the night, continually giving the Jets a chance to stay in the game — the third of those, seen below, was particularly dreadful and led to the game-tying TD from New York.

On the very next possession, Allen had trouble with the snap and then tried to salvage the play by running the ball. The problem was he never got great control over it, ran into one of his own lineman, and got absolutely smoked by a defender, fumbling it back to the Jets to set them up in field goal range immediately.

It was a disastrous game for Allen, and as they say misery loves company which is why former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez felt like Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood when he saw Allen’s fourth turnover, which he felt was reminiscent of the butt fumble that he became synonymous with.

Now, this one was a bit different because Allen also got absolutely smashed by a defender where Sanchez simply ran into his own man, but it’s still a pretty funny tweet from Sanchez. Also, who can blame Sanchez for wanting someone else to share in his pain as his entire football career has been distilled down to his worst (and funniest) moment.