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What Is The Mystery Project That Has Been Teased By Some ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cast Members?

Last fall, I was wondering whether Charlie Hunnam was being a stinker when he teased something that vaguely had to do with the Sons Of Anarchy circle. He had dropped a tidbit, and Entertainment Tonight asked him if that meant Jax Teller would ride again, and Hunnam played coy, like, “There’s nothing I can say at all, other than if it happens, it’ll happen.”

So, no denial, no confirmation, and no mention of the fact that Jax Teller drove into a green screen Mack truck to meet the Reaper. True, we never saw the body, but c’mon — we saw a makeshift roadside memorial and Wendy talking about dead Jax to EZ in Mayans M.C.. Also, never mind that almost every SOA character in the above still died before the finale, and then Happy croaked in Mayans M.C., and only Tig and Chibs seem to be breathing now. And there’s no way that these dudes can be in a prequel because too many years have passed since the pilot.

Still, that didn’t stop Hunnam from also hinting the same vibe to Comic Book: “I have an idea that I’m exploring in its infancy where that could be a possibility.” Additionally, the reality of what happened to Juice Ortiz after he ate that pie (“you went out good, sweetheart”) didn’t stop Theo Rossi (while promoting Emily The Criminal) from recently having some fun with Deadline:

“There might be something coming up where we’re all back together, which is insane,” Rossi told Deadline. “If it happens, it’s wild, but if it doesn’t, it would be perfect and really cool because we also talk every day,” he added, referring to his continuing friendship with the show’s lead, Charlie Hunnam, and the rest of the cast.

When asked if this might be an idea for a Sons of Anarchy movie, Rossi smiled cryptically and said, “It’s totally different. It’s really cool.”

No one knows if Hunnam and Rossi were talking about the same thing, and both were being purposefully vague, yet Rossi did throw the “totally different” into the mix, which probably tells us that this is no SOA-branded project. Also, I couldn’t even begin to guess whether franchise creator Kurt Sutter, who has not mentioned a hypothetical prequel or Abel-focused offshoot for quite some time, would be involved or interested in picking up the crowbar again after that Disney dustup.

Besides, I’d guess that Sutter is focused upon polishing the first season of The Abandons for Netflix. Whereas Hunnam will soon be seen in Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon for Netflix. Still, I’ve already expressed the vain hope that Hunnam just kinda pops up in The Abandons, maybe while being simultaneously cussed out by Lena Headey and Gillian Anderson’s characters.

I’d like that. Let’s make it happen.