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A Wisconsin Bar Offered To Pay Tabs If The Jets Lost Aaron Rodgers’ Debut And The Reaction To Their Overtime TD Is Priceless

Sports can inspire a number of emotions, but spite is among the most pure feelings a sports fan can have for a rival or a player who left their favorite team. Last night in Wisconsin, there were many fans of the Green Bay Packers who tuned into Monday Night Football in hopes of seeing Aaron Rodgers lose his New York Jets debut, as they hosted the Buffalo Bills.

One bar in Milwaukee, Jack’s American Pub, was even running a promo where everyone’s bar tab would be free if the Jets lost the game. A news crew was on site and captured the wild rollercoaster of emotions fans went on. That included the unfortunate cheering of Rodgers’ injury (which, at the time they did not know it was a potential career-ender), as they though that ensured the Jets would lose and led to an awful lot of folks running up quite the tab, expecting it to be taken care of by the bar by the end of the night.

However, Josh Allen became addicted to turning the football over on Monday night, doing so four times, and in overtime the Jets won on a walkoff punt return touchdown, sending the bar (mostly) into despair, as chronicled by A.J. Bayatpour of CBS Milwaukee.

It really is an incredible news report, particularly the camera panning over to the table of guys realizing they would have to pay their bar tabs, while the one Jets fan at the bar goes nuts. This is really the full sports betting experience, thinking you’ve got an absolute lock only to see your bet lose in the dumbest possible way, but instead of hoping to get cash back all of these people bet money for drinks in return and now have to deal with not only a hangover on Tuesday morning but a much higher credit card bill than expected.