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Don Jr. Is So Very Extremely Mad That He’s Trending On Twitter Due To ‘Crackhead’ Hunter Biden Being Indicted

Donald Trump Jr. must feel like he can’t win. Like much of the far right, he’s obsessed with Hunter Biden’s laptop, and he recently grew very frustrated that the “coke in the White House” led to a bunch of Don Jr. jokes. This talk usually follows his animated manner of speaking during cable news appearances and his occasional glassy-eyed and twitchy rants, too.

On Thursday, it seems that the eldest boy signed himself up for a good time when reports came down about Hunter actually being indicted, not for the laptop but on felony gun charges. According to NPR, this is the case because a pending plea deal collapsed, and now, the 2024 election could be marred by yet another criminal trial. From NPR:

Special counsel David Weiss charged Biden with three counts: two for knowingly making false written claims that he was not an unlawful user of, or addicted to, any stimulant, narcotic drug or other controlled substance when purchasing a firearm. There is another charge for illegal possession of a firearm. This is in connection with a gun he bought in 2018.

What a mess. Again, Don Jr. must have been ecstatic at the news, yet he appeared crestfallen to find that he was the presidential son who is trending. “You can’t make this stuff up anymore. Hunter Biden gets indicted yet somehow I’m the one that’s trending here on Twitter,” he complained. “[S]ame thing happened when they found coke in the White House last month. It had to be mine, not the most famous crackhead in America who was actually there.”

Don Jr. also had a little conspiracy theory about another Trump indictment coming soon.

However, not everyone sees the same subjects trending on Twitter, and theoretically, the “what’s happening” algorithm shows topics based upon your previously-engaged topics. So, Don Jr. might not really be “trending” as much as he believes, but it’s still notable that he’s pitching a fit. A few snowflakes began flying in response…

(Via NPR)