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‘Morning Joe’ Ruthlessly Roasted Trump For Confessing His Crimes To Megyn Kelly: ‘Can You Imagine Being His Lawyers?’

After the two reportedly buried the hatchet, Donald Trump agreed to an interview with Megyn Kelly where he basically admitted to committing the crimes in the classified documents indictment. There’s a reason Trump’s attorneys do everything in their power to keep him from testifying. The guy will blab himself right into a confession.

The moment went down when Kelly asked Trump about his storage of top secret material at Mar-a-Lago, which resulted in Trump flat out boasting that he refused to hand over the documents when the Department of Justice subpoenaed him. He also claimed he had the right to ignore the subpoena because of the Presidential Records Act, which doesn’t work like that. The Morning Joe crew couldn’t believe what they were watching.

“Confession is good for the soul,” Joe Scarborough quipped before co-host Willie Geist went long on watching Trump announce his crimes out loud.

Via Raw Story:

“We have a new Trump classic among thousands, where he said, ‘I know that, I don’t even know this,’ immediately contradicting himself when told, ‘When a subpoena is presented to you, you have to turn over the documents,’” Geist said. “Also, he can keep citing the Presidential Records Act and keep being wrong about that. That doesn’t mean that you as an individual get to take the documents with you when you leave the White House, not remotely what the act says. They go to the archives, and the documents belong to the government. I guess it plays well to his audience, the base, but for the 1,000th time, that’s not at all how the Presidential Records Act works.”

Guest Mike Barnicle was also astonished at how often Trump does the prosecution’s job for them.

“Can you imagine being his lawyer or lawyers?” Barnicle said. “I mean, every appearance is the tale of the tape, that’s where it goes. It goes directly to a tape, that all I have to do in the prosecution is turn on the tape.

(Via Raw Story)