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Man Of The People Donald Trump Still Hasn’t Been Informed That You Don’t Need Voter ID To Buy A Loaf Of Bread

Donald Trump has been going around accusing President Joe Biden of “cognitive decline,” but what if — and hear us out — that’s mere projection? What if the big guy, who’s only three years shy of the dude to whom he lost in 2020, is the one whose brain is turning into mush? After a gaffe-strewn speech he delivered on Friday, that certainly seems like a possibility.

While addressing the D.C. Pray Vote Summit, Trump hit many of the topics that trigger him. One was U.S. elections, which he’s claimed were riddled with cheating but which others, including Republican officials he himself appointed, say are more secure than ever. At one point he decried someone who said the nation should do away with voter IDs, which inspired him to revisit a bizarre claim he’s been repeating for years.

“You have voter ID to buy a loaf of bread,” he said. He believed it so much he repeated it: “You have ID to buy a loaf of bread.”

This one dates back to at least 2018, when he boldly asserted to a rally crowd that “you need a picture on a card, you need ID.” Some months later he claimed you need ID to buy cereal. Has no one on Trump’s team informed him that this is untrue? Or has he really whittled his posse down to all “yes” people.

Trump’s deranged bread line inspired plenty of yuks.

Trump’s Friday speech wasn’t a good one for him. On top of revealing that he still believes you need ID to buy rye, he also claimed that Biden will drag us into “World War II.” He also claimed he was polling better than Barack Obama, a human who is not running for president, having already served two terms. Trump caught himself on that one, but his attempt to save it only made things worse. Perhaps nowadays he won’t do so hot on that basic cognitive test he “aced” three years back, which he still won’t shut about.

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