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‘Jeopardy!’ Is Both A Game Show And A Dating Show Now, Apparently

You’ve heard of Love Island and F*Boy Island and even The Golden Bachelor, the new reality show where an older gentleman looks to find love over a short stack of pancakes from the discounted 55 and up menu at IHOP. But you might be aware that the next great dating show is one that’s been around forever: Jeopardy!

A recent contestant named Matt Walks returned to the blue stage for the second chance competition after he first appeared on the game show in March of 2021, which was then guest-hosted by Katie Couric. Walks didn’t Walk(s) away with much, but he did find a better prize: love in the form of a tweet sent by a viewer.

Walks retold the story to host Ken Jennings this week. “That’s right. I had a great guest host in Katie. And there was a woman in Oregon who was watching the show specifically for Katie and even though I didn’t win, I got a great consolation prize because she tweeted at me, and now we’ve been dating for two years, and she’s in the audience,” Matt shared. It would have been better if they brought her up to play against her, The Price is Right-style and she ended up destroying her boyfriend, but that didn’t happen.

Jennings, remarked, “It takes a lot of confidence to be watching Jeopardy! and think, ‘I’m going to slide in that contestant’s DMs.” It also takes a lot of confidence to return to the show after only gathering $1,599 in winnings, but Walks seems to be doing okay now. It also takes a certain type of confidence to cross a picket line, but that’s a different story.

(Via TVInsider)