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Doja Cat Addresses Rumors Of Satanism On Her New Song, ‘Skull And Bones’

Doja Cat’s fourth album Scarlet is finally here. While the rollout for Scarlet has proven somewhat controversial, fans have shown their loyalty, especially as they’ve helped the single “Paint The Town Red” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. But some aren’t fans of the aesthetic Doja is going for in this era. Many have deemed this video, along with the video for “Demons” as “satanic.” On the album cut “Skull And Bones,” Doja seemingly addresses this controversy.

Over a trippy, ominous beat, Doja dismisses the idea that she sold her soul for fame.

“The only thing that I sold was a record / the only thing I folded under was pressure / Can I say I digress, you the aggressor / Now y’all say y’all impressed I’m the successor,” she raps on the song’s opening verse.

Elsewhere on the song, she more explicitly addresses the rumors, as well as her complicated relationship with her fans.

“Y’all been pushin satan this, and satan that / My fans is yellin ‘least she rich,’ you need that pact / Lookin like I got some things you hate I have / And trust me baby, God don’t play with hate like that / So you gon be real upset when he pick Cat,” she raps.

You can listen to “Skull And Bones” above.

Scarlet is out now via RCA. Find more information here.