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When Does Offset & Bobbi Althoff’s Interview Come Out?

Hip-hop podcast newbie Bobbi Althoff is back with another sit-down conversation. Since the TikTok influencer’s inaugural The Really Good podcast episode with Drake, Althoff has left fans of the culture torn over her interviewing style. That division was heightened when Lil Yachty made an appearance in July. It has been revealed that “Fan” rapper Offset will be the next rap superstar to join Althoff for an awkward conversation.

So when does Offset & Bobbi Althoff’s interview come out? According to the caption in Althoff’s latest Instagram upload, the episode will be released on her official YouTube page this Thursday, September 28.

In their forthcoming exchange’s teaser clip (inserted above), Offset cut right through Althoff’s typical “I don’t know you” shtick. When Offset began questioning Althoff about her interest in interviewing subjects, she revealed that she simply enjoys getting to know people on a deeper level. That response led him to ask why she wanted to chat with him; Althoff revealed that she didn’t have that same desire to learn about the former Migos member.

“Your team reached out to mine,” she said.

Offset quickly shuts her down. “Don’t cap, let’s not cap about that — flag on the play. Cap,” the entertainer replied.

The two exchange jabs, ultimately ending with Offset setting the record that she’s still relatively new in the industry. “They had to show me who Bobbi was. I thought they were talking about Bobby Boucher,” said Offset, referring to the fictional character played by Adam Sandler in the 1998 comedy film The Waterboy.

Althoff attempts to make a quippy comeback. “I never heard of you. I had to Google you,” Althoff interjected.

“I had to go on TikTok, I couldn’t even Google you,” Offset joked. “You’re not there yet. But you’ll be there. But you’re on TikTok.”

Catch the full episode on 9/28.