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Kentucky Scored A Touchdown Despite Florida Having 13 Men On The Field

Gonna say something that you already know here: You are supposed to only have 11 players on the field at a given time during a football game. While Notre Dame learned the hard way last week by only having 10 dudes out there for their final defensive play against Ohio State, Florida did the exact opposite thing and had way too many players on the field while attempting to stop Kentucky’s offense on Saturday afternoon.

The catch: The result of the play was the exact same as what happened to the Fighting Irish last week. With the Wildcats knocking on the doorstep and sitting there with a 23-7 lead, the Gator defense lined up with 13 players on the field. That, of course, is extremely illegal, but it did not matter one bit. Kentucky lined up in an I formation, handed the ball off to Ray Davis, and let him go to work. Florida was able to get a bit of a push, but there was a hole there for Davis to hit and he took advantage by making his way into the end zone.

By my count, Florida had six players on the line of scrimmage and seven players right around the end zone. It would be a good idea if this was legal or if it worked, but unfortunately for the Gators, neither of those things happened.