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Will There Be Any Singles From Ed Sheeran’s ‘Autumn Variations’ Album?

After releasing his fifth studio album, Subtract, back in May, Ed Sheeran shared another gift with fans. Yesterday (September 29), the illustrious singer-songwriter released Autumn Variations, his sixth album and his second release this year.

Over the course of the past decade, Sheeran has dominated the charts with hit singles from each of his albums. Some of his biggest hits include “The A-Team,” “Thinking Out Loud,” “Shape Of You,” “Bad Habits,” and “Eyes Closed.” But with Autumn Variations, Sheeran has put out music on his own terms.

It doesn’t look like Sheeran will continue his run of hit singles with Autumn Variations. Upon the album’s release, he took to Instagram to share a message with fans, encouraging fans to listen to the record in full, from beginning to end, as a soundtrack for the fall.

“So Autumn Variations is out now!,” said Sheeran in the post’s caption. “This is an album purely for you, the fans. There’s no singles, no videos, it’s on my own label, so no pressure for anything. I just want you guys to have a soundtrack for autumn/fall that feels like a warm hug. I hope you love it. Lemme know what your fav songs are and il see some of you this week at random pop ups we are doing. Love you all x.”

Autumn Variations is out now through Gingerbread Man Records. Find more information here.

Ed Sheeran is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.