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Stephen Colbert Dragged Trump’s Courthouse Fast Food Feast With A Little Help From Tom Cruise In ‘A Few Good Men’

Jimmy Kimmel got his revenge for Donald Trump branding late night hosts as “True LOSERS!!!” Stephen Colbert didn’t ignore that garbage, but he had more fun while roasting Trump’s ongoing New York fraud trial. More specifically, Colbert called out how a massive order of fast food was seen being carted in by the Secret Service and other staffers.

At least six grocery-sized bags of burgers and fries were among the haul. And this wasn’t the good old days where Chris Christie was among the manservants doing Trump’s bidding, but Trump surely dug in nonetheless. The ex-president also famously served a fast food spread to the Clemson Tigers football team, and there was zero ambiguity about who ordered this food.

Yep, Trump can still manage to enjoy his favorites while his business empire crumbles around him, and Stephen Colbert couldn’t resist mixing things up with a classic courtroom thriller. A much quoted A Few Good Men scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson got edited into the fray to imagine what it would be like if Colonel Jessup had also consumed fast food before reentering an open court room.

Let’s just say that Cruise’s Lt. Daniel Kaffee did not appreciate the gassy gesture, and what materialized wasn’t pretty. Order in the court!