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Jimmy Kimmel Knows Of A Rootin’ Tootin’ Lawmaker Who Could Do One Thing Better Than Anyone Else As House Speaker

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert once expressed her confidence in being named House Speaker. Jimmy Kimmel is kind-of on board? Well, he at least knows of one thing that she could do better than anyone else, including those who are officially vying for the position in 2023. And man, the late night talk show hosts really are going for it during this first week back.

This week also coincides with the historical ousting of Kevin McCarthy and, in general, a ton of catch-up jokes about Boebert’s Beetlejuice groping incident. One of these efforts turned out to be far more athletic than the rest, but Kimmel thinks that Boebert could put her apparent groping abilities to the test in another way.

Aafter the 5:45 mark above, Kimmel discusses how Jim Jordan and Steve Scalise are far-right frontrunners to lead. Kimmel added, “I don’t like either one of those guys,” but he does know someone who could bring people together. Not politically, of course. Boebert is a born divider in that way, but literally, Boebert could, well, you know: “I mean, we saw at that Beetlejuice musical — she does know how to reach across the aisle.”

(To be clear, Kimmel obviously isn’t in favor of this, but he does have a point. If the House GOP is gonna pick a cartoonish leader, Boebert fits the bill, too.)

It truly is amazing how much mileage that one Bar Guy incident can provide. That groping went down nearly a month ago, and the late night shows brought it back right as the furor was beginning to die down. John Oliver was so happy to tackle the topic, and his audience was happy for him.