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A Pregame Scuffle Broke Out Between The Cowboys And The Chargers

Monday Night Football features a matchup between a pair of teams that seem to relish never playing in a normal game. The Dallas Cowboys are making their way west for a battle with the Los Angeles Chargers, with a fun storyline being that ex-Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is now overseeing the offense in Los Angeles.

Before the game kicked off, tensions boiled over between the two teams. While it’s not 100 percent clear what set this off, it looks like some Chargers players did not appreciate a few Cowboys players running through them while they were getting warmed up. This led to a bit of pushing and shoving, with a bunch of teammates on both sides of things getting involved.

Some other angles of the fracas show just how big this got, with a whole lot of pushing and shoving in the center of things and a number of teammates, coaches, and officials trying to break it up.

The two teams have not played since the 2021 campaign, when the Cowboys beat the Chargers in Los Angeles, 20-17. Dallas enters Monday night’s game with a 3-2 record, but got demolished in their most recent game against the San Francisco 49ers. Los Angeles, meanwhile, sits at 2-2 and are coming off of their bye.