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Trump’s ‘Complete And Total’ Endorsement Of Jim Jordan For House Speaker (Immediately) Did Not Age Well, And The Jokes Are Rolling

GOP candidates used to clamor for a President Trump endorsement. Heck, they even clamored for an ex-President Trump endorsement for awhile, but these days? Perhaps those 90+ indictment charges are finally having an effect. And it’s turning into another fiasco for Congress.

Also worth a quick refresher thought: Back in January during the chaos that led to several votes (and nearly a fight) before Kevin McCarthy was elected House Speaker, Jim Jordan imagined that the Founding Fathers would be proud. Does he feel that way this week, after his first vote going up for House Speaker has ended in a big “nope” from Republicans?

At least, 20 of them decided that it’s not worth going there with Jordan, which means that House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries won more votes. This is surely not what Trump expected on Tuesday morning while urging the GOP to vote for Jordan. “Jim Jordan will be a GREAT Speaker of the House,” he wrote on Truth Social. “As everyone knows, I have long ago given him my Complete and Total Endorsement.”

Not only did this “truth” not age well, but it curdled immediately upon landing. Has Trump really lost his so-called Golden Touch with the House GOP beyond the MAGA crowd? Yup, and people are dunking all over him for it.