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‘The Daily Show’ Saluted Flailing Jim Jordan With A Campaign Vid That Probably Won’t Help His House Speaker Chances

As Jim Jordan lost his second round of voting for Speaker of the House thanks to even more Republicans refusing to back him, The Daily Show decided it would step up and help the embattled Ohio congressman with a nifty campaign video.

In the 20-second spot, The Daily Show reminds everyone that Dennis Hastert exists, and when you think about it, Jim Jordan is slightly better than him. On the scale of awfulness, Jordan is at least one or two notches above the convicted House Speaker, and that’s gotta be worth something, right?

Via The Daily Show on Twitter:

Dennis Hastert was an admitted pedophile. He abused multiple young boys and tried to hide his horrific actions with payoffs. Jim Jordan is only accused of enabling sexual abuse. And the victims weren’t children. He is the progress we need.

Jim Jordan: Not as bad as a pedophile.

Could the campaign video help Jordan’s chances? Well, it certainly couldn’t hurt at this point. The Ohio congressman was humiliated yet again on Tuesday, but has vowed to pursuing his bid for House Speaker. However, Jordan went from 20 GOP votes against him to 23, and the situation is getting very nasty.

According to CNN, Jordan’s colleagues and their spouses have been receiving threatening messages for not backing the MAGA-endorsed candidate for House Speaker. That course of action has clearly backfired as Jordan now faces even steeper opposition from his own party.

(Via The Daily Show on Twitter)