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Human has some critiques for her dog’s adorably stoic comforting style

Sometimes you just need a little snuggle from your four-legged friend to make everything right in the world again.

Everyone knows that cats are a bit fickle in this area, their comfort is dependent on how annoyed they are with your existence that day. But dogs? Everyone can attest that no matter what kid of day you’ve had, your dog will be there with their tail wagging while covering you in dog food flavored kisses.

They seem to be much more invested in your happiness than cats. So, when you’re feeling down, your doggo is likely to sense it and snuggle up right in your lap hoping to bring you comfort. But apparently some dogs were absent that day in how to be a dog school and they missed the lesson.

This adorably hilarious video of a very serious dog trying to console her human who seems to have nothing but complaints about her efforts is a must watch. The poor dog sits stiff with a straight face and a paw placed on her owner’s shoulder as she sits on the floor critiquing the dog’s style of comfort. Maybe in a past life Queen Charlotte from “Bridgerton” was his mother only offering sorrows sorrows and prayers for consoling? Anything’s possible.

Look, she’s trying, terribly, but she’s trying and that’s much more than cat owners can say when their cats are in a mood. Check out the video below shared by Furry Tails and tell that sweet girl that she’s doing a good job. She gets an A for effort.