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Paul Walter Hauser Pulled Out ‘Cobra Kai’ Moves Including The Crane Kick To Win His Pro Wrestling Debut

Via Netflix on YouTube

Paul Walter Houser’s acting dance card is frequently full, to the point where Cobra Kai viewers grew alarmed when he was missing from Season 3. Fortunately, his character had not been written off the show, and he simply needed to film a little Disney film called Cruella. Fortunately, the now-Golden Globe winner (for Black Bird) made a Cobra Kai comeback, and Stingray became pivotal in Seasons 4 and 5 when Terry Silver used him as a (battered and bloodied) tool to put John Kreese behind bars.

That whole arc was one of the most intense and emotional parts of the entire series, and surprise surprise, Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka also declared Stingray to be the show’s most likely real-life champion, even if it often doesn’t seem that way on the show. Well, Hauser put some of what he’s learned on Cobra Kai to make his pro-wrestling debut this week at the Revolver Unreal event in LA.

The crowd loved the I, Tonya scene stealer. Here is Hauser’s entrance, and yep, Cobra Kai got a shoutout. Via Fite TV over on Twitter:

He pulled out a crane kick, which you can see here. That generally isn’t the most practical fighting move since it’s essentially broadcast before it’s used, but Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid let it roll and do its cinematic thing. While fighting Matthew Palmer, Hauser also took the action outside the ring.

And Hauser unloaded an explosive one-inch punch (infamously used by Bruce Lee) to win the match. Who knew?

Hauser was clearly jazzed before the fight while teasing whether “an actor can indeed be a wrestler.”

Well, well. Paul Hauser might have found himself a little side career, not that he needs it now that the actors’ strike is finally over. Now, is Stingray going to be in Cobra Kai Season 6? Fingers crossed.