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Trump Won’t Like Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Apology’ Following A Demand For Retraction Over Truth Social’s Losses

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel did what he does best: Ruthlessly mocked Donald Trump for his latest blunder. In this particular case, Kimmel commented on the news that the former president’s social media platform, Truth Social, had reportedly lost $73 million. However, later reporting revealed that the platform has only lost $31.6 million.

Sensing a petty opportunity, Trump Media and Technology Group fired off a letter to Kimmel and ABC threatening to sue unless Kimmel issues a retraction and an apology. According to Newsweek, the late night comedian clearly isn’t concerned and proceeded to dunk on the legal threat.

“We talk a lot about Donald Trump here at the show in the same way paleontologists talk about apes, right? We’re studying him but it’s easy to forget sometimes that he actually sees this stuff,” Kimmel said during his monologue. “He’s obsessed with himself and with what people say about him and because of that we have somehow found ourselves once again in the wisp-thin crosshairs of our crazy ex-president and his compatriots.”

According to Kimmel, when he and his team prepared the Truth Social monologue for Tuesday night’s episode, “several credible sources were reporting Truth Social had lost $73 million.” That number turned out to be incorrect, so Kimmel made sure to correct the record in the most backhanded way possible.

“In other words [and] in fairness, Truth Social isn’t a colossal failure, it’s only an abysmal failure,” Kimmel said. “And I would like to do the right thing and congratulate our balloon animal former president and his company on only losing $31.6 million. For you that’s pretty good, that’s one of your best performances yet.”

Naturally, Kimmel couldn’t help but note the irony of the situation.

“I have to say, demanding a retraction for reporting the value of his company incorrectly is pretty darn hilarious considering the fact he is on trial right now for reporting the value of his company incorrectly,” Kimmel joked. “Maybe he should sue himself.”

The late night host then gave Trump his apology, but you know the old saying: Be careful what you wish for.

“TMTG demanded an apology, so from the bottom of my heart, I want to say to Donald Trump and everyone at TMTG, I’m deeply sorry you’re so bad at running companies, I guess,” Kimmel said. “But doesn’t this guy have bigger things to worry about?”

(Via Newsweek)