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There’s One Trend Among Artists That’s ‘Ruining’ Music, Hit-Making Super Producer Metro Boomin Believes

Metro Boomin Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse Screening 2023
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Over Thanksgiving weekend, Metro Boomin took to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal he wants a bigger presence on YouTube. This sparked a conversation that unveiled his perspective on something he thinks is “ruining” music.

On November 25, the producer (who’s behind hits like Post Malone’s “Congratulations” and The Weeknd’s “Heartless”) tweeted, “About to start uploading regularly to my YouTube again like back in the days.. what type of videos do you guys want? (I don’t like the word content, it’s annoying now).”

In response, Nav shared the tweet and replied, “finally a musician who ain’t trying to be mysterious and sh*t.” Metro replied, “The fake mysterious sh*t with artists is ruining the game!! Everybody too cool.”

As for Metro’s original question about the kinds of videos he should make, he got some good answers. Responses included, “Would love a breakdown of some of your most iconic beats + stories of how the songs came around in the first place,” “Videos on beats & producing (tutorials & creating beats for videos & explaining the process),” “Post Randomly rare vids of u and musicians. Mainly freestyles or just havin fun,” and, “I want a whole video series where you talk about sound choice and design. You’ve always had some of the most curated sounds out there.”