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Philly Boy Bradley Cooper Didn’t Hesitate When Asked If He’d Prefer Oscars For ‘Maestro’ Or A Super Bowl Win For The Eagles

Bradley Cooper
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There are two exciting things in Bradley Cooper’s world these days. He has a new movie coming out, the Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro. His directorial follow-up to A Star is Born, it’s naturally amassed considerable Oscar buzz (and some controversy). In other news, the Philadelphia Eagles may be going to the Super Bowl again.

The beloved actor-filmmaker is a Philly boy (or from neighboring Abington, which is close enough), and he was seen at Sunday’s game, when his beloved team made a heroic comeback, overpowering the Buffalo Bills in overtime. Obviously he wants both accolades and a Birds win, but if he could only have one? The answer may surprise you (unless you’re also a native Philadelphian).

Per Philadelphia Magazine, Cooper went on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM Show, where he was hit with a “big” question.

“Sophie’s Choice for 2024: You win the Oscar, not only for Best Director but Best Actor and Carey Mulligan [his costar] wins Best Actress,” Stern said, “or the Eagles have a Super Bowl victory.”

“Eagles Super Bowl victory,” Cooper shot back, while Stern was still talking. “Eagles. I know. I’m sick!”

Now, this may seem out-there to non-Philadelphian sports fans, but this is the mentality. They threw hoagies at Santa 55 years ago and they’d do it again. The city bows to no one in terms of sports fandom, and over the last couple years they’ve been blessed with three top shelf professional teams who’ve been on a tear (the others being the Phillies and the Flyers, of course). Earlier this fall the Phils almost went to the World Series, but didn’t. The Eagles played the Super Bowl last year but lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. But that’s okay because they crushed the New England Patriots only a handful of years ago, in 2018.

Or wait, that’s not okay. No self-respecting Philly sports fan would think it’s okay that their teams didn’t win every game.

Anyway, Maestro is now in select theaters. It will drop on Netflix on December 20. It’s about Leonard Bernstein. Go Birds.

(Via Philadelphia Magazine)