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Demi Moore Almost Ruined The ‘That ’70s Show’ Finale With A Phone Call

That 70s Show

Many people like to think that That ’70s Show ended in its seventh season when Eric and Kelso departed, but there is actually an eighth and final season that nobody likes to talk about because it’s just not good. But it does exist!

The final season features Josh Meyers (brother of Seth, you might know him) as Randy, a character that was created to fill the void that Eric and Kelso (Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher) left, and instead, he was just annoying. In terms of final seasons, it could have been worse.

Meyers (not that one) was a guest on Podcrushed, where he revealed that Demi Moore, who was married to Kutcher at the time, attended the taping of the finale (where Kutcher made a guest appearance) and she did not silence her cell phone, which is problematic when you think that cell phones were not invented in 1979, when the final season takes place. Oops.

“It was a very hard scene for the cast to get through because they had done this show for so long, and it’s emotional when you get to the end of a show,” Meyers explained. “People were crying. People were stumbling over lines. We kept having to reset. We kept having to have makeup come out.” After some time, Meyers confirmed that they “had sort of hit a stride” and then a phone rang from the audience. The phone belonged to Moore.

Meyers said, “And she took the call! And the director was like, ‘What?’ Her phone rang and she was like, ‘Yeah, hello?’ And we had to do it again.” In her defense, Moore was getting ready to star in Mr. Brooks, so the call very well could have been coming from Kevin Costner, and he’s not a person you can just ignore.

Even though Moore messed up the final episode ever, Meyers added “I mean, no disrespect, Demi.” To her credit, not a lot of people were watching That 70s Show season eight, and maybe a phone call during an emotional moment would shake things up for the better!

(Via Decider)