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No One Knows What Was Going On With Denise Richards During A Weed-Packed ‘Real Housewives’ Dinner

Denise Richards
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Everyone knows that dinner parties in the Housewives universe are never a good sign, so the fine folks at Bravo decided to throw together some friends, enemies, weed edibles, and enough alcohol for a small army, just to see what would happen!

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies were treated to some edibles, which Denise Richards refused. “I don’t wanna eat that stuff. I’ve smoked weed twice in my life, and I’m good. I’m not gonna say who I did that with,” she explained. So, in an effort to get on everyone else’s level, it seems like Richards substituted may have substituted alcohol for weed, and fans were… concerned? Or entertained.

Richards appeared to be going through the motions of a demonic exorcism and/or a lot of alcohol throughout these moments. As with any dinner table confrontation, things quickly got heated between two other attendees, and Richards continued with the silent but chaotic facial expressions.

The Tammy and the T-Rex actress was a regular on the show before exiting the series in 2020. Fans were a little disturbed by Richards antics, but who says you can’t sit at a table with a few of your enemies and act up? This is Bravo! She’ll be fine.

After the episode, Richards revealed she had a “cuckoo” time at dinner, so she seems over it by now.