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Noted Jokester Melissa McCarthy Was Attacked By Australian Fire Ants (For Real) But No One Believed Her

Melissa McCarthy stopped by Live with Kelly and Mark this week where the actress revealed a painful experience she had while filming in Australia. The worst part about it? No one believed it was happening.

According to Entertainment Weekly, McCarthy kept getting bit on set, but “nobody knew” what was happening. The Little Mermaid star said it was so bad that she needed ice packs at the end of the day.

“I kept getting bit by things,” McCarthy told Kelly Ripa. “And people were like, ‘I don’t think anything’s biting you.’ And I’m like, ‘No. I’m pretty confident I know when I’m being bitten.’ It’s not like I have a weird feeling. I have bite marks.”

However, the culprits were discovered when the crew realized that McCarthy’s chair had been placed over a nest of fire ants. Her doubters finally admitted that the actress was getting bit, but she won’t let the experience stop her from visiting Australia because she loves being in the country so much. In fact, she landed a cameo in Thor: Love and Thunder thanks to being in the country while the fourth Thor film was filming nearby.

We’re also pretty sure this wasn’t the “volatile, toxic set” that McCarthy opened up about earlier this year. Granted, this experience also made her “physically ill” on account of the swelling. Thankfully, the matter was quickly resolved and everyone acknowledged the problem: a whole bunch of fire ants.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)