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Cher, Despite Being Anti-Chicken Nuggets, Somehow Still Hilariously Chose To Go On ‘Chicken Shop Date’

Cher made a recent appearance on the viral interview series, Chicken Shop Date, despite somehow not actually liking chicken. During her conversation with the show’s host, Amelia Dimoldenberg, the pop icon was surrounded by all the energies of the food — as they literally held the talk in a chicken shop in the UK.

The reveal hilariously started when the host thanked Cher for being there with her in the chicken shop. “I’m happy to,” Cher started, before quickly correcting herself. “Well, I’m not actually happy to be here, but I’m actually happy to join you.”

Toward the end, Dimoldenberg decided to dig deeper into why Cher didn’t like the spot.

“Do you like chicken nuggets?” Dimoldenberg asked.

“Not at all,” Cher quickly replied. “I have been inundated.”

According to Rolling Stone, she chickened out and didn’t eat a single piece during their chat. She also wasn’t a big fan of the fries either, saying that she thought they “were sh*t” in the video’s intro.

Throughout the rest of the discussion, Cher described that her secret to not having her heart broken that much was because she’s “cute.” She also answered what period of her life she would want to travel back in time for.

“I would go back to when I was forty,” Cher shared. “It was pretty good. I had fabulous boyfriends.”

Check out Cher’s interesting Chicken Shop Date above.