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Newly Expelled George Santos Went On A Late Night Tear Vowing Revenge On His Former Republican Colleagues

george santos
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George Santos is gone but not forgotten. On Friday the House’s most noted fabulist was formally expelled by his colleagues after nearly a year in office. His crimes? Where to start? He didn’t go out quietly. Ahead of the fateful vote, Santos started railing against his Republican colleagues, one of whom he called a “p*ssy.” After he was booted, he went on a late night tear promising revenge.

Per Mediate, Santos started with Nicole Malliotakis, one of eight former fellow New York Republican representatives who voted against him.

“Let’s talk about hypocrisy,” Santos tweeted. “Can someone ask Nicole MalioStockTips when did she become a savant in stock trading? The signature bank trades she did REEKS of insider trading much like Paul Pelosi’s every trade! Nicole is in it for herself! Just look at her record and it speaks for itself.

Santos called Malliotakis a “dirty dishonorable swamp creature selling the American people down a river for her own benefit.” He said the
“difference between you and I is that I don’t live in denial, I’m a PROUD GAY man and I’m not afraid to say it.”

Santos swore that on Monday he would file a formal complaint with the House Ethics committee. He was just getting warmed up. He vowed to do the same to another Republican New York representative, Mike Lawler, who he accused of money laundering.

And then there’s Nick LaLota, who Santos claimed had stolen public funds from New York taxpayers.

And then Santos came for Democratic representative Rob Menendez, son of Senator Bob Menendez, who himself was charged earlier this fall with taking bribes from Egypt.

Santos also demanded that someone, anyone have the “testicular fortitude” to expel Democrat Jamaal Bowman over setting off a fire alarm, which he’s claimed was an accident.

In other words, just because the self-professed producer of Broadway flops is out of Congress doesn’t mean he’s going away. Heck, maybe he’ll even be Trump’s running mate.

(Via Mediaite)