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‘The Marvels’ Is Already Out Of The Box Office Top 10 After Only Three Weekends, And Probably Won’t Even Pass The $100 Million Mark

The Marvels

Martin Scorsese, vindicated. This weekend was the fourth for The Marvels, the latest from, well, Marvel. But where is it in the box office Top 10? Nowhere.

Per Variety, the latest from the once indefatigable Marvel Cinematic Universe added merely another $2.6 million to its paltry sum. That means it’s bubbling under, at #11, behind Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving but ahead of the surrealist Nicolas Cage indie Dream Scenario. It’s not common for blockbusters to tumble after a great first weekend. But The Marvels never had a great opening weekend.

What’s more, while it’s common for MCU titles to gross $200 million, $300 million domestically, and even more internationally, The Marvels is currently sitting at a mere $80.7 million. (For perspective, Scorsese’s 3 1/2-hour Killers of the Flower Moon has grossed about $66.5 million so far.) The Marvels is already running on fumes, so it’s likely it won’t even cross the $100 million mark, which Marvel movies tend to speed by on opening weekend.

It’s a tough break for all involved, including its Oscar-winning star, Brie Larson, the talented Teyonah Parris, and charming Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani. The same goes for director Nia DaCosta, whose previous film was the more relatively successful reboot of Candyman. DaCosta is already hard at work on another film, though, so she should be fine. Still, yowza.

(Via Variety)