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A Tom Petty Song Soundtracks The Highly Anticipated ‘GTA VI’ Trailer, And Fans Noticed A Petty Easter Egg, Too

Tom Petty Grand Theft Auto VI GTA 6
Getty Image/Rockstar Games/Derrick Rossignol

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful video games ever: It’s No. 2 on the list of all-time best selling games, edged out only by the ubiquitous Minecraft. So, yesterday’s reveal of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer was a huge deal. As of this post, the video has been viewed over 62 million times in the 13 hours since it was uploaded, and that number’s probably a lot higher by the time you read this. Now that the dust has started to settle, fans might be wondering about the music used in the trailer.

What’s the song in the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer?

For the first look at GTA 6 (which is set for release in 2025), Rockstar Games decided to go with a true rockstar, using Tom Petty’s “Love Is A Long Road,” from 1989’s Full Moon Fever, Petty’s iconic first solo album.

It’s a relatively obscure pick: The song was never released as a single. When Uproxx’s Steven Hyden ranked Petty’s 100 best songs, “Love Is A Long Road” made the list, but it wasn’t very high up. Hyden noted, though, “This is a point about Full Moon Fever I’m going to end up belaboring by the end of this list but so be it: ‘Love Is A Long Road’ was not a single. On pretty much on any other Tom Petty album, it would have been the first single. But Full Moon Fever was the ’90s Chicago Bulls of Tom Petty albums, so ‘Love Is A Long Road’ had to ride the bench.”

Petty’s song is a perfect fit for the GTA 6 trailer, and not just because it’s a great tune: Petty is a native Floridian, and the new game is set in the fictional Vice City, which is inspired by Florida.

Tom Petty Easter egg in the GTA 6 trailer

Meanwhile, some eagle-eyed fans noticed a Petty Easter egg in the trailer: At one point in the video, on a door is a sticker that reads “Petty Forever,” with a background that uses the distinct color scheme from the Full Moon Fever album cover art.

Check out the GTA 6 trailer below.