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Tacko Fall Sent A Poor Defender Flying On The Meanest Dunk Of The Year

tacko fall

Tacko Fall has found a basketball home in China. After spending the start of his professional career bouncing back and forth between the NBA and the G League, Fall made the decision to head overseas and play in the Chinese Basketball Association in 2022. And after one year with the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, Fall opted to change teams this offseason and join the Nanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings.

One thing that Fall is especially good at is using his size to impose himself on basketball games, and thanks to a clip that is making its way around the internet from a game last week, we got a glimpse of that. Fall went up against a Shanghai Sharks team that features a number of ex-NBA players recently, and early on in the game, Fall set a screen, dove to the rim, and had only one 6’2 player standing between him and a bucket. For reasons that I do not understand, the opposing player decided to test the 7’6 Fall at the rim, and You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next*.

(* — you will 100 percent believe what happened next)

It is nothing short of remarkable that any guard would try to slow Fall down at the rim, but this is about what you’d expect to happen here. Anyway, fortune favors the brave, and while the dunk and subsequent poster went against the Sharks, they went on to win the game, 98-95.