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‘The View’s Joy Behar Feels ‘Sorry’ For The Men Hating On Taylor Swift: ‘They Need Some Help’

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In an odd twist for The View, co-host Joy Behar took a moment to express her sympathy for the predominantly right-wing horde of men who have been frothing at the mouth over Taylor Swift attending NFL games and, presumably, the upcoming Super Bowl.

Swift has been dating Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, and with his team now headed to the big game, conservatives have latched onto a wild conspiracy theory that the CIA orchestrated the Chiefs’ AFC victory so Swift can endorse Biden during the massive sporting event. It’s all pretty nuts, and Behar feels “sorry” for the men who are launching these hare-brained attacks.

“I do! No, I’m not making a joke,” Behar said. “I feel for them because things have not gone their way. There are fewer jobs for them, a lot of these guys … college enrollment for men [is] down. They were up 60%, now it’s 41%. Women are moving ahead like crazy.”

To be clear, Behar qualified her remarks by saying these men should try working harder and seek out therapy. Via Decider:

“Look, as a woman comedian, I felt like it was harder for me,” but she added, “I didn’t say, ‘Oh, I resent that the men can do it better or that they get a better audience.’ I tried to work harder.”

Behar then suggested “these guys” try out therapy.

“Go get a shrink!” she exclaimed. “I mean, they don’t consider it masculine to be in therapy. It is not about masculine, feminine. It’s about your brain. They need some help, and that’s why I feel sorry for them.”

Despite being sympathetic to their plight, Behar made a point to highlight the severity of the situation.

“These kind of guys can be dangerous,” she said. “They have guns, a lot of them. I feel sorry — at the same time, I’m worried.”

(Via Decider)