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Travis Kelce And Patrick Mahomes Planned On Getting A Taunting Penalty If Justin Tucker Missed A Field Goal

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Prior to Sunday’s AFC Championship showdown between the Chiefs and Ravens, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes had a pregame run in with the unlikeliest of foes — Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker.

The consensus best kicker in the NFL (and likely in NFL history) decided to start his warmup right where Mahomes was getting ready on the goal line, and there were some shenanigans and trash talk, with Kelce tossing aside Tucker’s stuff to clear room for his quarterback.

It was mostly all in good fun, with a little bit of real tension mixed in there given the stakes of the game, and ultimately it was Mahomes and Kelce that got the last laugh in a 17-10 win to reach their fourth Super Bowl in five years. However, the star QB/TE duo didn’t really get to rub it in Tucker’s face the way they hoped, as they explained in an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday.

After Mahomes popped in on Kelce’s interview, McAfee ribbed him about how Tucker was going to “beat his ass” which led to Kelce revealing that the two planned on earning a 15-yard taunting penalty if Tucker missed his late field goal attempt to cut the Baltimore deficit to one score.

Tucker, as he almost always does, drilled the field goal, with Mahomes lamenting that he couldn’t let them have any fun, but it would’ve been truly incredible if Kelce and Mahomes and stormed out onto the field and picked up a flag for taunting the opposing kicker because of some pregame shenanigans.